We should probably talk about ‘Bloodlines’, right?

So last night was the backdoor pilot of Supernatural‘s planned spin-off: Bloodlines.

Avid fans like myself have been waiting for it since the announcement way back in January. (Back then it was called Tribes)

We’ve been following the casting, speculating about possible plots and counting down to last night’s episode when we could see what and who would be carrying on the legacy of our beloved SPN.

Finally it came, and, well – it wasn’t great.

I have a lot of opinions about it.

For me, the biggest thing was that it didn’t feel like Supernatural. It felt like every other show on the CW. SPN is not the typical CW show; probably because it’s from the time of The WB and is the only pre-CW-takeover show still alive.

An Entertainment Weekly poll showed only 37% of participants wanting to see more, 27% saying they were on the fence, and 24% passing on the show entirely.

So, what now?

Honestly, I’m hoping that they scrap the show and start over. There are so many other things they could do for a spin-off.

Here’s a list of things I think they need to correct and possible ideas:

1. Don’t start an entirely new show and cast two men as your leads:


Diversify! SPN is a show revolving around two core characters – both men. However, that doesn’t mean that’s all we like. In fact, a lot of us are women and would like to see some awesome leading ladies! Not to mention, some of the most beloved characters on Supernatural are bad-ass women.

Women such as Ellen and Jo Harvelle, mother-daughter hunting duo, Sheriff Jody Mills, cop-turned-hunter, the adorable and unstoppable Charlie Bradbury – hacker extraordinaire – And, oh yeah, Sam and Dean’s mom.

Which leads me to…

2. Don’t bring in entirely new characters.

Because Supernatural has a core cast of two, we have SO MANY beloved side characters who are worthy of their own spin-offs. Hell, you did it right with The Vampire Diaries spin-off!

Find characters that your audience likes, stick with them and so will we. I would watch the hell out of a spin-off with Jody, Garth, Charlie, Mrs. Tran and ghost Kevin, or any of the other dozens of awesome people.

Or, hey, how about we get the Ghostfacers back together and give them a show? They’ve already had their own episode and people loved it.

3. If you don’t bring in characters we know, at least have them have know Sam and Dean.

Don’t bring in strangers that the boys will never speak to again. How are we supposed to connect with them when our boys don’t? If the boys up and leave like it’s nothing, why shouldn’t we?

Bring in characters who have a back story with them. A friend from Sam’s time at Stanford. Somebody Dean saved back in the day. A fellow hunter either/both has worked with before. Something.


P.S. While I was not a fan, this episode was up in ratings, tying with FOX’s New Girl which is very exciting. So, I’m very happy for that. Insert smiley face emoticon here.


What did you guys think? Loved it? Hated it? Don’t care? Comment below!


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