HBO’s ‘Looking’ continues to be my new favorite thing

Recently, after seeing one too-many hilarious and sexy gifs, I decided to take a break from my Friends marathon, (Thank you, Netflix) to delve into HBO’s Looking.

The show follows the lives of three gay men living in San Francisco: Patrick (Jonathan Groff), Dom (Murray Bartlett), and Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez). I’ve been tentatively describing it to my friends as “like Girls, but instead of a bunch of occasionally annoying straight women, it’s hilarious gay men.” Patrick even serves as our own Hannah Horvath.

I fell in love with the show almost immediately, and for those who have not seen it, I dare you to watch the trailer and not hop on HBOGo to catch up:


As it turns out, it’s actually pretty easy to get caught up. Only 12 episodes so far, including the new one airing tonight, each one about 20 minutes long. I caught up in 26 hours, taking breaks only for sleep, class, and a Sam Smith concert.

I fell fast, and I fell hard.

Here’s why:


Our main protagonist, Patrick, has got a special place in my heart. Whether it’s because he’s a fellow Coloradoan, he has an uncanny ability to say the wrong thing in any given situation, or our mutual attraction to Russell Tovey, I don’t know. But I love that guy.


Dom’s trusty partner in crime, Doris (Lauren Weedman), is one of the funniest characters on the show by far. Love her. And not just because the friendship they have reminds me of what my best friend and I will probably be like in 20 years.


The unconditional love these three dudes have for each other is so wonderful, as is the affection they show each other.

They stand too close, hug for too long, and cuddle while marathoning Golden Girls.

Sign me up.



Russell Tovey.

The aforementioned English dreamboat I knew from Sherlock and Doctor Who plays Kevin, Patrick’s boss/lover. His comedic timing is impeccable, his dramatic scenes are deeply moving, and his laugh is too cute for words.

And don’t even get me started on this sweater:



Above all, the show feels authentic. The camera is hand-held, the lighting is natural, the cinematography is stunning, the dialogue flows, and the plot lines are simple and relate-able. I feel like I know these dudes. I feel like I am these dudes.

They do a really great job of going into it in this here video:


I could go on, but I’ll stop the gushing here.

Mainly because I want to go see how long it takes for a gif of Russell Tovey cooking breakfast in his underwear to show up on my dashboard on Tumblr.


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