Hozier’s ‘Someone New’ video: pros and cons

Monday brought the release of a new Hozier video for his latest single: “Someone New.”

It stars Game of Thrones sensation and other-wordly goddess Natalie Dormer as the protagonist who spends her evenings wandering around town fantasizing about the strangers she passes by:


The plot is relatively simple: a seemingly unhappy-ish Dormer struts around a club, having fantasies about people she meets and sees. It continues as she gets on the bus, walks home to her apartment, and up onto the roof of her building.

Online debates have been sparked about the meaning of the video, but the way that I see it is Dormer’s character lacks a serious love in her life and tries to fill that void by creating relationships in her mind.

In which case, I’ve got to echo the sentiment of my favorite YouTuber, Connor Manning:


The video portrays Dormer as someone I would say falls under the umbrella identity of “queer.” She has clear attraction to women, but is seen having steamy scenes with men, exclusively.

This brings us to our main story tonight — pros and cons.

PRO: It can be argued that any queer representation is good. Validating our existence is the first step.

CON: For some, it could potentially have the (perhaps unintended) impact of reinforcing the idea of women being allowed to have what society has deemed the “girl crush,” while not being able to actually act on it.

PRO: Natalie Dormer. I mean, come on. Honestly.

Again, we can rely on Connor to say it so eloquently:


CON: Ambiguous sexual identity is always going to be met with mixed emotions from audiences. People are going to say that it’s not enough — that when you have as big of a platform to discuss issues as Hozier does, you need to go the distance and actually show her being as intimate with women as she is with men.

Some people are going to say that it’s a great representation because she’s portraying an honest, “real world” kind of sexuality, and that pushing her to be something else could actually be harmful. After all, no one is strictly one thing or another, and showing a woman who refuses to clarify or apologize for her attractions is refreshing and empowering.

Point is, no one person is right. Consider me Shawn Spencer on this one.

PRO: This sets up a pattern of Hozier using his videos to represent LGBT and queer-identifying people. His video for “Take Me to Church” has over 133 million views on YouTube and depicts a gay relationship and the violence that LGBT individuals can often face for having the audacity to fall in love and be themselves:


CON: I didn’t even know this video was happening, therefore I did not get to audition for the part of the woman Dormer flirtatiously and protectively puts her arm around.


PRO: Including a kiss between Dormer and another woman may have just attracted comments from invasive Internet creeps, anyway. No one wants that.

VERDICT: I quite like it.

What do you think? Pros and cons? Let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Hozier’s ‘Someone New’ video: pros and cons

  1. I like this post! You’ve been writing a lot about sexual ambiguity and I think it’s really interesting. I’m starting to realize that this happens to a lot more people than you would think, and I think it’s great that there is so much media out there portraying the struggle people who have these feelings face. It’s a refreshing perspective for me. Keep it up!

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