McKenna brags and name drops, plus that ‘Looking’ finale

Let me begin by apologizing for the severe lack of blogging recently.

That being said, I did have a good excuse: Spring Break.

I spent the last quite a few days in Los Angeles and let myself soak in a much-needed break from school and work and the stress that comes with it.

I also took advantage of a super wonderful opportunity this last Thursday in West Hollywood:


That’s right. It just so happened that my biannual trip to my motherland coincided with a function at my favorite WeHo hot spot benefiting the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation in which they were showing an exclusive screening of the season finale of my favorite – Looking – 3 days early.

So of course I went. Like I really had a choice.

I went. I saw. I drank a delicious (and surprisingly strong!) Elizabeth Taylor cocktail.

Here’s proof:

My and guy who "doesn't even go here," Daniel Franzese.
Me and guy who “doesn’t even go here,” Mean Girls and Looking star, Daniel Franzese.

My thoughts on the finale are as follows:

1. Not enough AgustEddie.

Seriously. Where were they, even? I love this couple. I need more.

Please and thank you.

2. Dom and Doris

Those two scared me with their fighting. I’ve said on multiple occasions that they remind me of me and my best friend in a lot of ways, so seeing them struggle was rough stuff for me.

Thankfully I had said friend standing right next to me, watching alongside while being completely confused about what was happening because he doesn’t actually watch the show. #adorable

3. Oh, Kevin. Kevin. Kevin. Kevin.

I am not happy with you, pal.

I’m going to have to quote Tyra Banks here when I say:


After Patrick definitively chose my guy, Kevin, over his ex, Richie, and they decided to live together in happy boyfriend bliss, I was thrilled.

And that lasted all of two episodes.

Because in the finale, Kev dropped the bombshell that he needs an open relationship.

Um, what?

Now, to clarify, I have no problem with open relationships. I think that all honest, loving relationships between consenting adults are valid and have merit. I actually have a few friends in open relationships, (I’ve even considered having one or two, in my day) but if this is the kind of thing you need in a relationship, it’s usually something you tell someone BEFORE YOU MOVE IN WITH THEM.

Come on, Kev. This is basic stuff here, man.

After everything, the episode ends with Kev and Patrick maybe (though definitely probably not) together, and Patrick going to get a hair cut from who? Richie.

There goes my happiness.

Congrats to the cutie who sat in front of me at the screening who’s #TeamRichie. Super happy for you, cute face.

4. All teams aside…

This show is fabulous and continues to only get better.

Here’s hoping we are gifted with an equally fabulous, hilarious and salacious season 3!


What did you guys think? Ups? Downs? Did you miss me during my hiatus? Did you even notice I was gone? What’d you do over break, if you had one? Let me know.

Comment it up. Do it. I dare you.


One thought on “McKenna brags and name drops, plus that ‘Looking’ finale

  1. First of all, suuuuuuuuuper jealous that you got to meet the Mean Girls guy. How fun is that?! Spending spring break in LA sounds fabulous. 🙂
    Reading your blog makes me really want to watch Looking! But you just told me that it got cancelled, which makes me sad. I have never seen a show like it. Right now, the most raunchy show I watch is Shameless… which is pretty raunchy. But, I would like to broaden my horizons, Can I watch Looking online? Let me know if you know. 🙂

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