In honor of the season five premiere, let’s talk ‘Game of Thrones’

Season five of HBO’s hit series premiered tonight and, since I’m not going to be able to think about anything else anyway, I thought I’d talk about it this week.

So, here we go; the state of LGBT folks in “Game of Thrones,” as of the season five premiere:

Anybody who has followed this blog for a while or read anything I’ve written on the subject of “Game of Thrones” or bisexuality knows how much I love Oberyn Martell, the “Red Viper” Prince of Dorne.

Oberyn and his beloved Ellaria Sand shortly before his death. (Courtesy of
Oberyn and his beloved Ellaria Sand shortly before his death. (Courtesy of

Well, after my beloved bi’s murder in season four, we have been left with just a few (canon) LGBT characters on the show: Loras Tyrell (G), Olyvar Frey (G), and Ellaria Sand (B).

Sunday’s premiere gave us a sexy scene between Loras and Olyvar, in which they discuss (among other things) my beloved Oberyn, though, not in so many words.

“We should go [to Dorne]. I think we would have a lovely time, judging by my experience.”

We get it, Olyvar. You slept with my guy and we should all be jealous. Move on.

The scene was cut short with an intrusion by Margaery — not complaining, I’ll take any chance to have Natalie Dormer on my screen. She asked Olyvar’s name and then not-so-politely told him to leave. She then told brother Loras that he perhaps might “want to consider being a bit more discrete.”

To which he replies:

“Why? They all know about me anyway. Everybody knows everything about everyone. What’s the point of trying to keep a secret in a place like this?”

I’ve got to say, go Loras. It’s true that his sexuality hasn’t been a secret to anyone in Westeros, and, even if it was, it’s not something to be ashamed of, anyway. You do you, Loras.

But, as the episode came to an end, I realized we’re still missing Ellaria. After her lover’s death, she’s got to be regrouping and has almost certainly returned to Dorne. With showrunners promising that Dorne will play an integral part in this season, here’s hoping we will see her soon.


3 thoughts on “In honor of the season five premiere, let’s talk ‘Game of Thrones’

  1. I love your take on the new season premiere! I also like the voice you used in your post. I enjoy a little bit of satire and sarcasm and it makes GOT a little bit more lighthearted than it can generally be!

  2. So psyched Game of Thrones is back! I wonder if Loras is going to continue to be a passive character or start making serious moves to avoid marrying Cersei.

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