On Voting Trump

Trump’s America.”

It’s a phrase that’s been making me uneasy lately. Sick, even. But I try not to think too hard about it. I distract myself with friends and family and Netflix and my partner.

My partner, who loves Star Trek.

A couple of nights ago, while diving deeper into our Deep Space Nine journey, we reached a two-part episode called “Past Tense.” The premise was that on a trip to Earth, Commander Benjamin Sisko, Lieutenant Jadzia Dax and Dr. Julian Bashir got just a little bit lost; because of a temporal anomaly, the threesome ended up exactly where they should be, but not when. Instead of landing in the streets of San Francisco in the 2370’s, they landed on those streets in 2024.

At first the episode was kind of humorous to me. I always love seeing how TV shows and movies from back in the day portray the future we’re now very close to. (See: Back to the Future‘s hover boards) I laughed at the fashion and what a “technologically-advanced” society looked like to people in 1995, when the episode debuted. Then things got very unfunny.

See, in the Star Trek verse, 2024 was a time of unrest, social and political upheaval, corruption and human rights violations. During one scene, in which Sisko and Bashir are walking through what was effectively a slum, with people sleeping on the streets and fighting for their humanity, I joked to my partner, pointing to the screen.

Trump’s America.”

It seemed funny until I realized that 2024 is eight years away, and when this particular episode takes place, we could be in year eight of a Trump presidency. I shook my head and shuddered before attempting to push the thought out of my mind.

The next day I went to work at my day job as a barista at a very popular coffee chain. A few hours into my shift, I was working the register when a family approached to place their order. They were a Spanish-speaking family, and for just a moment we were caught in a language barrier. It faded quickly, and I was able to place their order for them.

While they were waiting for their drinks to be made, another customer — who had apparently witnessed them ordering — began taunting the family. He spoke a few Spanish words in a condescending tone before raising his arms into a pose of pure exasperation.

“Do you even know what you’re ordering?”

I was shocked. The ignorant ass made eye contact with me and I gave him the most disgusted and appalled face I could muster. I then told my manager about it. She had previously heard some of his comments, as he inserted himself into every conversation he heard and seemed to want to provoke almost everyone and anyone.

So he’s definitely lowkey racist, right?” I asked, hoping my manager might ask the customer to leave. “Racist or crazy?” my manager replied. “Both.”

(Though, in retrospect, is there really a difference?)

Eventually the customer left on his own, without any more outbursts. Before he did, however, the comment from the previous night snuck into my mind.

Trump’s America.

Because here is the hard truth about Mr. Trump: he has run on a platform consisting of the principals of hate, fear and ignorance, and it has serious effects and consequences.

He praises “stop-and-frisk,” contributing to racial tension and telling his fellow citizens that it’s okay to support what has been deemed unconstitutional. In a Presidential debate he states that he’s “smart” for avoiding paying taxes, and people begin to consider committing illegal actions to be a sign of intellect. He uses words that perpetuate hate and ignorance, and people begin to think this is how Americans operate, or that it’s okay for them to act the same way.

Electing this person means that while Americans may not agree with him, we can at least condone his actions. His words. His behaviors. His beliefs. We can see and hear and witness this man and still let him be President anyway.

Now, I don’t know where you stand, but I for one am never going to be okay condoning…


  • This article
  • This article
  • Calling Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” during an actual Presidential debate and stating she does not have the “stamina” to be President
  • Rating women on their appearance
  • Has called multiple woman “disgusting,” “pigs,” and “ugly” on multiple occasions

Racism, so much so that he’s been endorsed by several white supremacy organizations

Islamaphobia and Xenophobia


Sexual Assault and other generally predatory behavior

So-called “Business Savvy”

Hey, those are actual crimes! (But at least these ones aren’t sex crimes like the aforementioned ones)

This election is a vital moment in our country’s history. This election is one that will be in history books — that will be taught to generations of young Americans.

Do you remember the first American history moment that shocked you? That made you think “Oh my god, how could people support something so horribly ignorant and hateful?” How old were you? Do you remember the first time you came across an event that made you believe in right and wrong? In what is unequivocally, undeniably, certainly right or wrong?

There are moments on our collective timeline we look back upon with shame. We simply cannot fathom that people could have ever possibly become so lost that they let themselves to pick the wrong side.

In this impossibly colorful world where some of the biggest parts of who we are as humans cannot be defined or nailed down, there are moments when something vital and world-changing makes everything so clear. This is one of those moments. We’re living in it.

And I’ve gotta ask you, do you want to have to explain to future generations how you could condone what is unforgiveable?


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